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MSc Thesis

(2007) E. THESIS


1.Ah Kun, Leonard, "Photo Sharing on the small screen,"

2.Smith, Conroy, "An Admission Control Scheme for IEEE802.11e Wireless Local Area Networks,"

3.Kumbuza, Xola, "Enhanced Link Layer Handover based on Localization,"  77 pages

4.Samuel Senkindu, "A Quality of Service Architecture for WLAN-Wired Networks to Enhance Multimedia Support,"  June 2008, 109 pages

5.Kamil Hussien Suleiman, "Joint Radio Resource Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks,"  June 2008, 69 pages
6.Leonard Ah Kun, "Co-Present Photo Sharing on Mobile Devices,"   June 2008, 100 pages



1.Mohamed Abdalla Abdelatif, "A Cross-Layer Mobility Management Framework for Next-Generation Wireless Roaming,"  December 2007, 84 pages.

2. Indika Weliwe Gamage Piyasena, "Evaluating Collaborative Filtering Content Recommenders for Mobile Phones,"  December 2007, 88 pages.

3. Pascal E. K. Acquaah, "An Emission and Discard Priority Scheme for Optical Burst Switched Networks,"  December 2007, 106 pages.

4.Oladayo Salami, "Multi-stage Queuing and Iterative Probabilistic Scheduling of IP traffic for QoS Provisioning,"  June 2007, 106 pages.

5.Tope Karem, "A Low-Cost Design of Multiservice SDH Networks with Multiple Constraints,"  June 2007, 88 pages.

1.Deeya Shakti Nursimloo, "A Two-Layered Mobility Support Architecture: Fast Mobile IPv6 and Session Initiation Protocol,"  December 2006.

2.Robert Achieng, "A QoS Enabling Queuing Scheme for 4G Wireless Access Networks,"  December 2006, 87 pages.

3.Zoran Basich, "Medium Access Control and Physical Layer Energy Efficiency for Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks,"  December 2006, 133 pages

4.Benon Muwonge, "An Assembly and Offset Assignment Scheme for Self-Similar Traffic in Optical Burst-Switched Networks,"  December 2006, 124 pages

5.Francois Rousseau, "Design of An Advanced Text to Speech System for Afrikaans,"  92 pages

6.Nicholas Zulu, "Implementation and Evaluation of A Low Complexity Microphone Array for Speaker Recognition,"  86 pages

7.Vitalis G. Ozianyi, "A Novel Pricing Approach to Support QoS in 3G Networks,"  106 pages

8.Eric Beda, "Socketless TCP - A Connection Identification Philosophy for End-to-End Mobility,"  118 pages

9.Tyrell Sassen, "Suitability of Network Processors for Multi-field Packet Classification,"  Completed

10.Paul Sikalinda, "ESSWA: A Storage System Workload Analyzer,"  Completed



1.Tobler, B., "Generation, Analysis and Verification of Security Protocol Implementation,"  

2.B. Chabalala, "Performance Evaluation of AAL2 over IP in the UMTS Access Network Iub Interface,"  Pages 1-97

3.A. Hasson, "Mobile IP Movement Detection Optimizations in 802.11 Wireless LANs,"  pages 1-161

4.G. Mountain, "Evaluating the Efficiency of Explicit Rate Congestion Avoidance Algorithms for the ABR Services,"  Pages 1-141

5.D. Waiting, "Cooperation Enforcement in Ad-hoc Wireless Networks,"  Pages 1-114

6.Landman, J., "Analytical Models of IP Traffic on UMTS Mobile Networks," Wet, N., "Model Driven Communication Protocol Engineering and Simulation Based Performance Analysis Using UML 2.,"  

8.Ryndina, O., "Improving Requirements Engineering: An Enhanced Use Case Modelling and Analysis Method,"