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Graduates of 2012

CoE Graduates of 2012
S/N Name Title Degree Supervisor
1 Mohssen, Mohammed Automated Signature Generation for Zero-day Polymorphic  Worms Using a Double-honeynet PhD Anthony Chan/Neco Ventura
2 Muslam, Muhana End-Host Mobility Management Protocols using Mobile IP and Locator/Identifier split Approaches in Hierarchy and Flat Network Architectures PhD Anthony Chan/Neco Ventura
3 Mehta, Ashish Cognitive Interference Mitigation for Wireless Sensor Networks MSc Antoine Bagula
4 Ogbeide, Stanley Distributed Control of Reconfigurable Mobile Network Agents for Resource Coordination MSc Alexandru Murgu
5 Ampofo-Anti, Nana A Context-oriented Service Brokering Platform for the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) MSc Neco Ventura
6 Falowo, Samuel, Admission control and packet scheduling for IEEE 802.16 networks MSc Neco Ventura
7 Vera, Denys User Generated Content for IMS-Based IPTV MSc Neco Ventura
8 Talbot, Michael SHOP-net: Moving from Paper to Mobile MSc Gary Marsden
9 Mphatsi, Lebajoa An Enhanced Bicasting Scheme for Proxy Mobile IPv6 MSc Olabisi Falowo
10 Williams, Kyle Learning to Read Bushman MSc Hussein Suleman
11 Katz, Michelle Building Heritage Collections using Games in Social Networks MSc Hussein Suleman
12 Malila, Bessie Implementation and Performance Evaluation of a NGN Prototype using Wimaxas an Access Technology MSc Neco Ventura
13 Machaka, Pheeha Situation Recognition Using Soft Computing Techniques MSc Antoine Bagula