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CoE Graduates of 2014

CoE Graduates of 2014
S/N      Name  Title Degree  Supervisor
1 Ernest, Petro Mobility Management  with Distributed Mobility Routing Functions for Host and Network Mobility PhD Olabisi Falowo/ Anthony Chan
2 John, Charna PMIPv6-based IP flow mobility solution for 3GPP's Evolved Packet Core MSc Neco Ventura
3 Meissner, Fritz  A Comparison of Mobile and Web Technologies for Intermediation and Information Dissemination in Low Income Urban Communities MSc Edwin Blake
4 Mugisha, Ronnie LTE Advanced Packet Scheduling MSc Neco Ventura
5 Taiwo, Adekunle Network Access Selection in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks MSc Olabisi Falowo
6 Orimolade, Samson Congestion Control in Multi-Service Heterogeneous Wireless Network using Dynamic Pricing MSc Olabisi Falowo
7 . Ngqakaza, Lutando, Multi-Layered Security in the Internet of Things MSc Antoine Bagula
8 Martin, Jarred, Hybrid RFID Sensors: Design, Implementation and Application MSc Antoine Bagula
9 Maliwatu, Richard Ubiquitous Mesh Networking: application to mobile communication and information dissemination in a rural context MSc Antoine Bagula
10 Tuyishi, Emmanuel Internet of Things: least interference beaconing algorithms MSc Antoine Bagula
11 Mullins, Taariq Participatory Cloud Computing: The Community Cloud Management Protocol MSc Antoine Bagula
12 Isaac, Bernard, Adaptive Radio Resource Management Schemes for the Downlink of the OFDMA-based Wireless Communication Systems MSc Mqhele Dlodlo