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CoE Graduates of 2013

CoE Graduates of 2013
S/N Name Title Degree Supervisor
1 Soubachov, Boyan Pilot Patterns and Power Loading in NC-OFDM Cognitive Radios PhD Neco Ventura
2 Christopher, Chepken Telecommuting in the Developing World: A Case of the Day-Labour Market PhD Edwin Blake and Gary Marsden
3 Ali, Mohammed Mustafa Language-aware Multilingual Information Retrieval PhD Hussein Suleman
4 Kweli, Allan Application Aware Multicasting in Virtual Private LAN Service Networks MSc Alexandru Murgu
5 Nkubito, Phillip Aggregated Service Consolidation by Multi-Server Virtualization MSc Alexandru Murgu
6 Chissungo, Edmundo “Wireless communication model for a better quality of service in rural areas MSc Edwin Blake
7 Molapo, Maletsabisa Enabling the Creation and Distribution of Digital Training Content for Low Literate Community Health Workers MSc Gary Marsden
8 Katanekwa, Nicholas Route optimization for selectively offloaded IP traffic in the 3GPP evolved packet system MSc Neco Ventura
9 Mkhwanazi, Xoluqobo Developing and Evaluating routing protocols for rural areas that communicates via data mules MSc Edwin Blake
10 Mburu Wanjiru, Christine Enhancing Home Based Care for HIV patients using an Expert System MSc Hanh LeStatus