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Chapters in Books

 (2015) Chapters in Books:

1. Phiri, Lighton and Hussein Suleman. (2015). Managing cultural heritage: information systems architecture. In Ruthven, Ian and Gobinda Chowdhury (Eds) Cultural Heritage

Information Access and Management, Chapter 6, pages 113-134. Facet Publishing.

2. Suleman, Hussein, (2015). Innovation in the Knowledge Society within the African context. In Mbambo-Thata, Buhle, Raubenheimer, Jenny and Terry Lynne Harris (Eds):

African Library Summit 2013: The Horizon and Beyond, pages 33-44. Knowres Publishing.

3. Abel Ajibesin, Neco Ventura, H.A. Chan, Alexandru Murgu “Service Productivity in IT: A Network Efficiency Measure with Application to Communication Systems”, Chapter

title in book “Managing Service Productivity, Using Frontier Efficiency Methodologies and Multi-criteria Decision Making for Improving Service Performance”

International Series in Operations Research and Management Science, Springer Publication,  pp 241-261, ISBN 978-3-662-43437-6 (eBook)

(2008) Books

1. Bazara Barry and H. Anthony Chan, "Intrusion detection systems,"  book chapter in Handbook on Communications and Information Security, edited by Peter Stavroulakis,

to be published by Springer in 2009.

(2007) Books

1. H. A. Chan, "Fundamentals of Reliability and Stress Testing,"  Micro- and Opto-Electronic Materials and Structures: Physics, Mechanics, Design, Reliability, Packaging, vol. 2 Physical Design / Reliability and Packaging, Chapter 7, pp. 177-202, Editors: Ephraim Suhir, Y. C. Lee, and C. P. Wong, ISBN: 978-0-387-27974-9, Springer Publishing Company, 2007.


(2005) Books

1. M. Jones, G. Marsden, "Mobile Interaction Design,"  John Wiley

2.David Nichols, David Bainbridge, Sally Jo Cunningham, John Thompson, Stefan Boddie, Ian Witten, Gary Marsden, D. Patel, "Chapter 10: Evolving Tool Support for Digital Librarians? in Asia Pacific,"  Idea Group Publishers, pp 171-191, ISBN 159140442-8

3.Edward A. Fox, Hussein Suleman, Ramesh C. Gaur, Devika P. Madalli, "Design Architecture: An Introduction and Overview,"  Design and Usability of Digital Libraries: Case Studies in the Asia Pacific, Idea Group Inc., p22-37

4.Matt Jones, Gary Marsden, Dominic Gruijters, Brendan Fry & Stephen Reid, "Using Mobile Phones & PDAs in Ad-hoc audience response systems,"  Chapter 24 in Audience Response Systems, ISBN: 1-59140- 947-0

5.E. H. Blake and W. D. Tucker, "User Interfaces for Communication Bridges Across the Digital Divide. AI & Society.,"  Springer-Verlag, 19(3)